• baby led weaning french toast sandwich topped with blueberries and bananas

    Baby Led Weaning French Toast Recipe

    16th January 2018

    This recipe isn’t just for tiny hands learning about food; it will work perfectly for toddlers or even adults who love to indulge in a scrummy breakfast filled with flavour. Dexter is a huge fan of toast and it’s one of the few words he can actually say at 20 months old, but occasionally I…

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  • Baby Led Weaning Ideas | Spanish Food Perfect for Babies and Toddlers

    8th January 2018

    My husband and I love to travel the world and we decided early on that having a new addition to our family would not stop us from experiencing new cultures. Going abroad with a baby or toddler can bring a wide range of anxieties and apprehension: will we run out of formula? How am we…

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  • Review: Doddl Cutlery

    26th October 2017

    As huge advocates of baby led weaning, it was important to us that we let Dexter start feeding himself using cutlery in his own time. I waited until he was around 10 months before I started introducing spoons and forks alongside his meals but he was hardly interested and would invariably end up throwing them…

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  • Baby Led Weaning: Your Burning Questions, Answered.

    18th July 2017

    I see so many Mums on the internet who want to try baby-led weaning, but have so many fears, concerns and worries. I am such a huge advocate of using this method to wean babies that I wanted to answer some of them here. I can’t promote baby-led weaning enough. It has been amazing to…

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  • Baby Led Weaning: Quick & Easy Toddler Lunches

    30th May 2017

    This week my husband is off work for the first time since my return to work after maternity leave so he is in charge of looking after and feeding Dexter. Dex is 12 months old now and can tackle a wide range of foods and meal, but I wanted to make things easy for my…

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  • Dexter at eight months old in an ikea highchair wearing a sunhat at a busy bar in Mallorca

    Baby Led Weaning: Snack Ideas

    16th April 2017

    Dexter has reached that age where he has started to reduce his milk intake and requires a snack of an afternoon to keep him going.  I like to offer a mixture of pre-packaged snacks and home made ones depending on where we are and what we are doing. These are some of our favourite baby…

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  • Our Baby Led Weaning Journey at 11 Months Old

    30th March 2017

    I can’t believe it has been five months since we started our baby led weaning journey. What a passage it has been. We started with lots of soft foods back in November, mainly pancakes and muffins, offering one meal a day before building it up to where we are today.

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