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Dexter’s 1 Month Update

Dexter in a grey sleepsuit asleep on his cot


  •  The smiles are coming thick and fast now.
  • He is now on 6oz bottles and he is starting to drain some of them so might be going up to 7oz by next week 
  • He sleeps from 8/9/10pm until 4am each night (I really need to invest in a blackout blind to see if I can get him to sleep longer) and feeds at 7am, midday, 4pm, 6pm, 9pm and midnight (roughly) so I think with the help of a blackout blind we could potentially get a good six or seven hours sleep! When he wakes at 4am he just wants to play. We are still co-sleeping and I let him take his daytime naps in bed with me while I watch TV or go on Instagram  (mainly Instagram!!) He naps 8/9am – midday and again from 1 til 3 or 4pm
  •  We took our first solo trip out to the Trafford Centre to meet Auntie Sjay and her daughter Daisy and it went really well
  • He met his great grandma for the first time this week and had lots of cuddles from his Nanna, his uncle Billy, his grandma, grandad and grandad’s family from Kent ?
  • He also slept in a travel cot for the first time and he slept from 11pm until 7am (darker room in grandmas house I’m sure!)
  • I weighed him on my scales yesterday and looks to be around 13lbs.

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