Fun Activities for a Four Month Old

23rd February 2017

In the early days of having a newborn, they don’t need much entertaining but by the time they reach four months, activities are definitely needed. It can be difficult to think up things to do day in, day out, so I made this list of fun activities for a four month old. These are all the things me and Dex got up to when he was this age.

Dancing with Baby

I like putting on Radio X and dancing around our living room to Arctic Monkeys and Oasis. Obviously, Dexter can’t dance yet, so he is scooped up in my arms while I bounce and sway to the music. And I sing. Badly. Dex enjoys being cuddled in my arms and it gives him a new viewpoint in life. It also gets my heart rate going and hopefully burns a few calories along the way too!

Sit Ups

It’s good for baby’s stomach muscles to practise doing little sit ups. I sit opposite Dexter on the floor while he is laid on his back. I then pull him towards me using his arms until he is in a sitting position, then gently lay him back down. It’s a great activity to do while singing ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’. You can both sway backwards and forwards to the rhythm of the nursery rhyme.

Singing Nursery Rhymes with Teddies

My new favourite game! I collect all of Dexter’s teddies and we sing the nursery rhymes together. For example, Old MacDonald. I collect all of Dexter’s animals and use them to dance around while I sing. So yeah, Old MacDonald has an elephant and a bear on his farm now too.

Tummy Time with a Mirror

One of my favourite Tummy Time activities is putting Dexter in front of a mirror. According to the experts, babies don’t actually know that this is their reflection. Even if this is true, he adores looking at himself and in the early days of struggling with Tummy Time, this really helped increased the amount of time on his tummy. We also like to stand in front of our full length mirror. It is hung over a door and Dexter will reach out with his legs to move it backwards. It’s really incredible to watch.

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Playing in a Swing

A swing is a great investment for the first few months. It gives you somewhere to place them while you take a shower or try and cook some food. As you can see from the photo Dexter had pretty much outgrown his swing by four months! However, he is on the 97th percentile for length. When he was a newborn sitting in the swing was enough to occupy him but now he is older he needs a toy as well. I give him this Lamaze Freddie The Firefly toy which is a gorgeous brightly coloured toy with lots to see and do.

Going for walks

I love going out for walks with Dexter and we are super lucky that we live next to a beautiful waterfront. At four months he is big enough to slightly sit up in his pushchair and I let him look around and point out things of interest. Cruise ships, canal boats, historical buildings, seagulls, runners, skyscrapers and swans. Everything is new and amazing to tiny babies. Occasionally, I take him out in his Baby Bjorn outward facing which gives him an even better view of what is going on. Getting out of the house is also great for your mental health and physical wellbeing too. I wear a Fitbit to track my steps and motivate myself to hit my 10k goal.

Playing with a Sensory Blanket

My friend Clare told me about this fantastic cheap idea for babies. Buy a foil blanket and let baby lie on it, reach out to it, crumple it and examine it. It cost less than £2 including postage and gave Dexter lots of fun. You can buy one here. He liked the noises and the way the light reflected off it. Be careful with younger babies though, they can get overstimulated VERY quickly with this. I tried it once around ten minutes before his nap was due- big mistake. I suddenly had a screaming inconsolable baby devil on my hands! Even now at six months old he loves to play with this blanket.

Sitting around the House

I don’t mean lazing around (although that can be fun too!) Try putting baby to sit in different areas of the house. It’s easy to forget what amazing things there are to see around you because we are so used to our own environments. For a baby there is always something new to see as they develop the skills to understand how objects can sit above, below and behind other objects. I like to place Dex on the sofa and point out what’s around the room. He also enjoys his highchair, sitting up in bed and sitting on a bean bag in his playroom. It might be helpful to prop up your baby with pillows while they are still learning how to sit unsupported. We are lucky that we have a balcony overlooking a river and I love taking Dex out there to show him the big ships. Not so great now it’s winter though.

Reading with Baby

Reading is so important. I don’t read anywhere near as much as I used to and I find myself making stupid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes all the time. I loved reading as a child and I want Dexter to have the same passion for it as well so I read and read and read. He likes the books with lots of bright coloured pictures that he can try and grab. He loves the stupid accents I put on (I’m pretty good at accents) and I read the narrrative in different voices too to mix it up a bit. I like to do a mini bedtime routine before he has a nap and I incorporate a bedtime story in every time.

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Playing Peek-a-Boo

It’s around this age that baby starts to understand the concept of Peek a Boo and it is so much fun to play! I have two ways of playing it. I do the traditional hide behind a muslin and then pop out. I try not to get too enthusiastic when popping out though- it can result in tears! The other way is putting the muslin over baby’s face and letting him pull it off himself. Both ways usually result in lots of baby giggles which is always lovely to hear.

What activities do you do with your four month old?

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