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Summer Deluxe 4 in 1 Superseat | Review [AD-Gifted]

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Felix turns six months old this week and boy, hasn’t he come on these past few weeks! He’s now rolling in both directions, trying to sleep on his front, squirming around on the floor trying to crawl and sitting unaided for a couple of seconds too! He no longer wants to be on the floor stuck on his back on a playmat, instead preferring to be propped up so he can see exactly what everybody else is up to. This is where the fab Summer Infant Superseat comes in. We were recently sent a Summer Infant Superseat to review, so if you’re thinking about getting on for your baby, read on to see what we thought.

Who are Summer?

For over three decades now, Summer (previously Summer Infant) have been making infant and toddler products to make parents’ lives easier. We recently tested out their SwaddleMe Bath to Bed Gift Set, which we loved, so couldn’t wait to get our hands on this Summer Infant Superseat to see if it was as good as promised on their website.

Felix in his Summer Delux 4 in 1 Superseat smiling

What is the Deluxe 4 in 1 Summer Infant Superseat?

This Summer seat works in four ways, lasting from six months of age up until 3 years:

  • as a seat positioner when babies are learning to sit
  • as an activity centre
  • as a feeding seat
  • as a booster seat as baby grows

Felix in his Summer Delux 4 in 1 Superseat smilig

The seat has a 360 degree tray which works as both an activity centre and feeding tray. It comes equipped with a detachable toy bar, rattle, spinner ball and shape sorter to develop hand-eye co-ordination. Once baby is ready to sit at the table, the seat can be attached to your dining chair as a booster and comes with chair straps which will fit most dining chairs. The seat also has a three point harness so baby can sit nice and secure in the seat and the tray is fully detachable.

What did we love about the Deluxe 4 in 1 Summer Infant Superseat?

We never used a seat positioner with Dexter, so I was really intrigued to try the Deluxe 4 in 1 Summer Infant Superseat out with Felix and I wasn’t disappointed. It was fantastic to get him sitting up in a proper seat while Dexter was playing alongside him, instead of him being stuck on the floor and he loved it even more when I added the activity centre props onto the seat. I hadn’t realised quite how far his hand-eye coordination had come on and it was lovely see him spinning the spinner ball and grabbing the soft toys that hung from the toy bar, as opposed to flapping at them.

Dexter was a big fan too and loved that he could get more involved with playing with his brother by showing him the three shapes and how they fitted into the holes on the tray.

I love that this seat lasts an incredible three years from when baby is first learning to sit, all the way through until toddlerhood, when they’re ready to move out of their highchair and onto a dining chair alongside you. It means it’s excellent value for money when you consider some activity centres cost over £100 and are redundant by the time baby is crawling.

The Deluxe 4 in 1 Summer Infant Superseat is easy to set up and moving from one stage to the next is really easy too. No screwdrivers or building required!

Felix in his Summer Delux 4 in 1 Superseat looking at the activity wheel

Felix in his Summer Delux 4 in 1 Superseat and Deter alonside showing him a green ball

Felix in his Summer Delux 4 in 1 Superseat

Felix in his Summer Delux 4 in 1 Superseat looking at dangling toys

Most importantly, Felix loved it. He is really happy every time he is placed in it and it keeps him occupied for a good fifteen minutes or so giving me time to have a quick shower, cook some food or have a cup of tea in peace.

Where do we use it?

The Deluxe 4 in 1 Summer Infant Superseat is incredibly lightweight so we don’t just limit it to one room in the house. Depending on where I am and what we’re up to, I may put Felix in it while I’m cooking tea in the kitchen or if I’m quickly doing some hoovering upstairs, I’ll let him sit and play in it in his bedroom.

It’s easily transportable too, so often I’ll chuck it in the car for when we go down to the beach or to Nanna’s house, so he has somewhere comfortable to sit.

Thanks to how this seat grows alongside your baby, it is going to come in useful for so many years to come, so I’m thrilled we now have it in our toolkit.

The Deluxe 4 in 1 Summer Infant Superseat is available on Amazon and retails for £44.99

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