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Baby Led Weaning Beetroot Pasta Sauce for Babies

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One of the easiest meals to prepare for your baby when the cupboards or bare or you’ve had a particularly challenging day is pasta. What can be simpler than throwing pasta in a pan, topping it up with water and leaving it to boil for ten minutes or so? If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous than a typical pasta and tomato sauce dish, you must try this baby led weaning beetroot pasta sauce for babies. It takes less than five minutes to prepare and best of all, you can batch make it to freeze in ice cube trays for the lazy days of the future!

baby led weaning beetroot pasta sauce for babies in bamboo bamboo bowl, plate and in the pan after cooking

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One of my favourite things about this beetroot pasta sauce for babies is the colour. Once you start adding the cheese to the blender, the rich red colour of the beetroot becomes this shocking bright pink which is just incredible to photograph. Beetroot isn’t the most pleasant tasting of vegetables, so you may thinking, yep, it looks good, but what about the taste? Well, let me assure you, it tastes pretty good too! Adding pine nuts, parmesan cheese, lemon juice and a little olive oil to the beetroots creates this beautifully nutty taste. If you’re feeling super adventurous you can try adding basil, cracked black pepper or a pinch of cayenne, depending on how well your baby does with herbs and spices.

baby led weaning beetroot pasta for babies in bamboo bamboo bowl and suction plate on the kitchen counter

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Most importantly, how did the beetroot pasta sauce for babies go down with the baby? Well, he couldn’t resist diving straight in thanks to the colour and considering that his tray was empty come the end of the meal, I think we have a new favourite pasta sauce! The ingredients work out pretty cheap too, making this a frugal baby led weaning recipe. I picked up the beetroot from Tesco for less than 90p, (I used half the pack for this recipe and will use the rest to make baby led weaning beetroot pancakes for breakfast) and the rest of the ingredients are things I already have in my store cupboard. Pine nuts are also magnesium and iron rich so this pasta sauce for babies is nice and healthy and full of good fats!

baby led weaning beetroot pasta sauce for babies in the blender jar and also in an ice cube tray ready to be freezed
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An easy baby led weaning recipe creating beetroot pasta sauce for babies, the perfect baby led weaning dinner idea or great as a quick baby led weaning lunch too. #blw #babyledweaning #babyledweaningrecipes #blwideas
Yield: 3 portions

Baby Led Weaning Beetroot Pasta Sauce for Babies

baby led weaning beetroot pasta sauce for babies in bamboo bamboo bowl, plate and in the pan after cooking

Create this nutrient-rich pasta sauce in less than 5 minutes using a few key ingredients. The perfect throw-together dinner idea for babies and toddlers!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 150 grams cooked beetroot
  • 30 grams Parmesan cheese
  • 15 grams Pine nuts
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • juice half a lemon


  1. Add all ingredients to a blender and pulse until combined. Add a little water or milk (formula, breastmilk or whole cows milk) to get the consistency right, depending on how thick you like it. (I usually find a couple of tablespoons is right for us)
  2. Once pasta is cooked, stir the beetroot pasta sauce into the pasta once drained.
  3. You can store any left over pasta sauce in ice cube trays in the freezer ready to pop out for a quick and easy baby led weaning lunch.

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Author: Nicola Hughes

Nicola has weaned both of her boys using the baby led weaning method. She loves nothing better than creating simple recipes that anyone can recreate, using as few ingredients as possible. All of her recipes have been tried and tested by both Dexter and Felix and have their seal of approval!

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Wednesday 31st of January 2024

Hi Nicola🙂I’m cooking this for my 2 year old soon who loves all kinds of pasta. Thank you for sharing! Can this be frozen? My little girl will be starting weaning in 2 months and just wondering if it can be frozen so that I can put some aside for her a couple weeks before.

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