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One Month of Felix Led Weaning

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It’s been a month since we began our baby led weaning journey with our second born son, Felix. This is now where time seems to suddenly start slipping away at an increasing rate as the days flash by between bottles, naps and making and cleaning up three meals.

We had a rough start to our baby led weaning journey as Felix did not seem keen at all. I decided to start with single veggies for the first couple of weeks, but he struggled to pick up the food and pursed his lips anytime I attempted to put a spoon near in a desperate attempt to at least try and taste some food. But after a couple of weeks of consistently offering food at least once a day (and weirdly near enough to the day he was six months corrected by my dates) he started not only to pick up and taste the food, but actively eat a huge range of food groups, often banging on his high chair for more. What a turn around!

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Over the past month he’s tried lots of different fruits, vegetables, meat and fish.


















Sweet Potato



Butternut Squash






Cheddar Cheese

Feta Cheese








Peanut Butter




Tortilla Wraps

Rice cakes

Vegetable Puffs

I have tried to make the majority of things he eats myself from scratch, but he has had a few pre-packaged bits such as potato waffles, puffs and rice cakes. I wouldn’t say he has a favourite food or meal yet, but he always does very well with pancakes and I always try to mix it up by doing different types of pancakes for baby including spinach pancakes, apple pancakes, banana pancakes and sweet potato pancakes.

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We started off our weaning journey by using the Joie Mimzy Snacker, but Felix seemed a little too reclined in it, so we switched to the Ikea Antilop which has been fantastically easy to clean while keeping Felix in a much more upright position. To combat the mess we use a Baby Bjorn coverall bib, a plastic food catching bib and use our trusty cordless Dyson V8 to clean up any bits that inadvertently fall on the floor.

For the most part, I have only been offering one or two meals per day, depending on what we are doing or where we are going.  NHS guidelines have changed since we weaned Dexter and they say to offer food before a milk feed is due. I only found this out around a week ago and have been offering food around half an hour after a milk feed, just as I did with Dexter. It hasn’t really impacted on the amount he has eaten as he seems to get through quite a bit of food. Our schedule looks a little like this:

7am: Bottle 8oz

8.00am-8.30am: Breakfast (depending on whether we have nursery run or not)

9.30am: Bottle 8oz and nap

12.30pm: Bottle 7oz

1.00pm: Lunch (if at home)

2.00pm: Nap

4.00pm: Bottle 8oz

4.30pm-5pm: Tea (if no lunch, or very rarely as well as lunch)

6,30pm: Bottle 7oz and bed

After a stressful start to our journey, it’s been a fantastic month seeing Felix learn how to feed himself and develop a passion for food. I am excited to see what the coming months bring and will of course be updating the blog with baby led weaning ideas and recipes.

You can follow Felix’s baby led weaning journey on our dedicated Instagram account: @felixledweaning

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Monday 20th of December 2021

Thank you for writing this! I started BLW with my second last week who is 6 1/2 months and was born 3 weeks early. It’s been 5 days and she just isn’t as keen as her brother (although he was purée fed) but like yours she’s a little behind him on her general milestones. I’m going to keep going. I really hope it kicks in soon!