• I’ve Been Too Busy To Miss You

    22nd February 2018

    I’ve got used to always being on the go, to always being busy. My day starts at 6am when you wake up and shout ‘Ra-ra!‘ from your cot. I drag myself up from bed to put on the kettle, really needing that sweet hit of caffeine, put in my contact lenses and have a wee.

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  • Dexter’s 20 Month Update

    22nd January 2018

    Welcome to Dexter’s 20 month old milestones update. It’s been a funny old month; usually January seems to drag on and on, but this year it’s flown by so quickly I can hardly catch my breath. This is what is new with Dexter this month.

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  • Mummy and Dexter sitting at the table writing Christmas cards

    Dexter’s 19 Month Update

    28th December 2017

    Yet another month has come and gone and with it a whole host of new skills, behaviours and words. Dexter James is now 19 months old and this is what is new this month.

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  • Dexter’s 18 Month Update

    22nd November 2017

    I feel as if reaching 18 months old is such a massive milestone for any child. Dexter is certainly no longer a baby, but a fully fledged toddler who is practising language, strutting his stuff and exercising his independence whenever he can. Here is what is new this month.

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  • Dexter’s 17 Month Update

    11th November 2017

    Here we are again, these monthly updates seems to be rolling around quicker and quicker. This is what is new his month with my boy Dex. (I am super late posting this! It’s been written for quite some time but I’d forgotten to post it due to my Dad being ill)

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  • Dear Dexter, I’m Sorry I Left You.

    18th October 2017

    I can be really ratty in the mornings. I spend far too long in bed, repeatedly pressing the snooze button which means by the time I’ve dragged myself out of bed, made a cup of coffee, put my make up on, washed and got dressed, I have hardly any time to get you up, dressed…

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  • Dexter’s 16 Month Update

    10th October 2017

    I am super late to the party this month with Dexter’s update, I do hope you will forgive me. I am not too ashamed to admit that blogging while being a full time working Mum is TOUGH! The weeks literally fly by…

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