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  • Dexter’s 9 Month Update

    He spent nine months growing in my belly and now here we are at nine months in the outside world….

  • Dexter’s 8 Month Update

      Dexter turned 8 months old on Friday. How? Why? HOW? My little darling has come on SO much over…

  • Dexter’s 7 Month Update

    Yesterday, Dexter turned seven months old. I cannot comprehend how quickly the time as gone, yet at the same time,…

  • Dexter lying in his cot with a milestone card declaring he slept through the night

    Dexter’s 2 Month Update

    He is sleeping through the night every night now. He goes to bed between 7pm and 9pm. We feed him…

  • Dexter holding a milestone card that says ‘Today I played peek-a-boo for the first time’

    Dexter’s 4 Month Update

    Welcome to Dexter’s 4 month baby development update. This is what is new this month in Dexter’s world. Dexter is…

  • Dexter in a grey sleepsuit asleep on his cot

    Dexter’s 1 Month Update

     The smiles are coming thick and fast now. He is now on 6oz bottles and he is starting to drain…

  • Dexter’s Birth Story

    The few days before Dexter arrived are kind of a blur. I remember on the Thursday prior to his arrival…