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16 Baby Led Weaning Chicken Recipes

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Looking to introduce chicken as part of your baby led weaning journey? Discover 16 of our favourite baby led weaning chicken recipes from simple ways to prepare chicken to delicious meals the whole family can enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this collection of baby led weaning chicken recipes! And if you have any more ideas, leave them in the comments below!

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What is the best type of chicken to serve your baby?

When it comes to offering chicken to your baby, you can go for succulent whiter breast meat or the darker, juicer thigh. Although thigh meat does have a higher fat content, this shouldn’t be something that should concern you – as long as you’re not offering it for every meal, every day.

Thigh meat tends to be juicier and more tender and I love using it in my slow cooker recipes as it seems to fall apart – making it much easier for baby to eat.

However, when it comes to making recipes such as these homemade baby led weaning chicken nuggets, I prefer to use breast as it means the nuggets are more grab-able!

Dexter wearing a pink plastic bib, sat in his joie mimzy snacker highchair with food all over the tray

How to cook chicken for baby led weaning?

There are lots of ways of cooking chicken for baby led weaning. You can poach, grill, fry or pop it in the slow cooker to fall apart.

The baby led weaning chicken recipes below will give you lots of ideas on how to cook chicken for baby. led weaning.

How to serve chicken baby led weaning?

Depending on the meal you’re making, it’s best just to pop the chicken you’ve cooked onto baby’s tray so they can self feed at their own pace. If baby is getting a little older, you may want to try serving it in a baby led weaning bowl or on a baby led weaning plate.

Tofu fried rice for kids in bowls

How to cut chicken for baby led weaning?

Slice chicken into finger sized pieces – big enough for baby to grasp with their first, with half sticking out the top of their hand.

16 Baby Led Weaning Chicken Recipes

Discover our 15 favourite baby led weaning chicken recipes, all collated in this article for easy access, so you too can feed your baby delicious and nutritious baby led weaning meals using chicken!

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