Baby Led Weaning Chicken Recipe

baby led weaning chicken nuggets on a baking tray ready to be cooked

I am always looking for new ways to incorporate meat into Dexter’s diet. The reason we need to start feeding our babies solids at six month is because their stores of iron start to run out and we need to replace them. Meat is a great source of iron. Chicken has 1.3mg per 100g. This baby led weaning chicken nuggets recipe makes moist and most importantly, healthy, chunks of deliciousness. There’s no worry of added salt and unknown ingredients. It’s a simple recipe using only three ingredients (plus some extra herbs and spices) and pretty quick to make.

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baby led weaning chicken nuggets coated in breadcrumbs and waiting on a greased surface to be cooked

I took a fillet of chicken and cut it up into nugget sized pieces. You can cut finger sized pieces if you want to make goujons. Either way works as you can see from the photo below. If baby is just starting out, you might want to try bigger pieces first.

I prepped a baking tray by spraying it with Fry-light / Pam cooking spray and got two bowls ready. In one bowl I cracked an egg and whisked it with a spoon. In the second bowl I mixed breadcrumbs, paprika, oregano and garlic powder.

I coated one of the pieces of chicken with the egg and then dipped it in the breadcrumb mixture. Once it was sufficiently coated I placed it on the baking tray and repeated with the rest of the chicken.

I baked it in the oven at 180C / 350F for 20 minutes. Make sure that your chicken is cooked thoroughly by slicing into one of the nuggets. Juices will run clear and you will see only white meat, no pink. If you want a faster cook time, try cooking on the stovetop in a carbon steel wok with some avocado oil.

preperation of baby led weaning chicken nuggets: one bowl of breadcrumbs, one bowl of whisked egg and raw chicken sliced into nuggets on a heart shaped chopping board

Leave to cool for a good ten minutes before offering to baby.

Dexter was able to easily pick up the nuggets and the chicken was moist enough for him to chew and swallow. My husband adored these and can’t wait for me to make more. He wants us to experiment with adding different herbs and spices to the breadcrumb mixture. He likened them to McDonald’s Chicken Selects.

Another baby led weaning success! Let me know if you try this baby led weaning chicken nuggets recipe.

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Easy to follow recipe for baby led weaning chicken nuggets, using ingredients you will find in your store cupboard, a healthy alternative to freezer food

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