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The Best Sweet Potato Baby Led Weaning Recipes

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Sweet potato is one of my favourite ingredients to use for baby led weaning. Versatile, filling and packed full of healthy nutrients – sweet potatoes are a fantastic alternative to starchy potatoes and can be used in a huge range of recipes.

From pancakes, to sweet potato fries to healthy veggie burgers, we try to incorporate sweet potato into baby’s diet at least once a week.

This post lists all of our favourite sweet potato baby led weaning recipes, all tried and tested by Dexter and Felix!

sweet potato fritter baby on a plate

Why offer sweet potato to your baby?

  • Rich in vitamin C
  • They contain tons of vitamin B6
  • A good source of potassium and magnesium
  • Great for heart and brain health
  • Amazing fuel source for energy

When can I give my baby sweet potato?

Your baby can eat sweet potatoes from six months onwards, just as they can with all table foods as part of their baby led weaning journey.

Dexter wearing a pink plastic bib, sat in his joie mimzy snacker highchair with food all over the tray

Can sweet potato upset a baby’s stomach?

Sweet potato has a lovely soft texture making it easy for baby to chew and digest, therefore it should not cause your baby any stomach problems.

However, if your baby has an allergy to sweet potato, he will likely start to show symptoms around an hour after eating. They may develop a rash, get gassy or appear to have indigestion.

Although a food allergy to sweet potato is rare, it’s important to keep a close eye on babe the first time they try sweet potato (or any other foods!)

The Best Baby Led Weaning Sweet Potato Recipes

Discover the very best baby led weaning sweet potato recipes, all tried and tested and love by both my babies and the rest of the family!

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