Baby Led Weaning Stir Fry | Yummy Chinese Stir Fry for Babies

dexter sat on his highchair with lots of noodles coming out of his mouth

Now that I’m back in work, it is so important to me that I make healthy and yummy dinners that are quick and simple to make. I have a long commute home and need something quick and easy which doesn’t compromise on health. That’s where this baby led weaning stir fry comes in. I use pre packaged frozen ginger and garlic and packaged stir fry veg to make it even quicker. What’s more, it’s perfect for baby-led weaning and Dexter loves it! Read on for the recipe for this stir fry for babies.

Ingredients  (serves two adults and a baby):

Pack egg noodles 250g

3cm fresh ginger, grated (or use a cube of frozen)

2 cloves garlic

1 tbsp coconut/olive oil

300g turkey diced

Pack of stir fry vegetables (or throw in some of your own. I love to add broccoli, bean sprouts, babycorn, mushrooms, green beans)

Cherry tomatoes quartered

For the Sauce:

1 tbsp peanut butter

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp chilli flakes (optional)

1 tsp Chinese five spice

1 tbsp soy sauce (reduced salt*)

*Reduced salt soy sauce means there will be 0.6g of sodium per portion which while under the RDA for babies under 1 is still quite a lot. For this reason, I avoid salt for other meals given during the day including bread and crumpets which have hidden salt.

A simple and easy recipe for chinese stir fry perfect for baby led weaning or for toddlers, great for busy moms and really easy to make.


Add oil to a wok/frying pan, then add ginger and garlic and fry for a minute. Add the turkey and stir fry until cooked through.

Meanwhile, cook the noodles according to the pack instructions. (Not applicable if using fresh noodles)

Make the sauce by combining the ingredients listed and then adding a little water to increase the volume. If you like your sauce a little thicker, add a teaspoon of cornstarch.

Add the stir fry veg and tomatoes to the stir fry and combine thoroughly, add the cooked noodles and combine again. Pour over your sauce and stir fry for one minute.

Serve and enjoy. I like to cut the noodles for baby.

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Let me know what you think of this quick and easy stir fry for babies. This is a meal we have on a regular basis because Dex seems to enjoy it so much. It is such an easy way to get extra veg in, not just for Dex but for my husband too!

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  1. 17th May 2017 / 7:36 am

    Looks so good – I love a stir fry for a nice quick meal, the peanut butter in this sounds delicious!

  2. 17th May 2017 / 10:51 am

    He looks like he loves that. Will have to try this with Caspian, I’m sure it will be a hit.

    Nadia x

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